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The Influential Woman


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You Were Chosen For A Purpose, And...

"who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” ~ Esther 4:14

Your Call To Influence Begins Here

Are You Ready To Find Your Voice And Discover The Key To Your Personal Fulfillment?

If you've been struggling to "make life work," you've doubted your ability, uncertain about your gift or ever thought your voice doesn't matter, or you have believed that living on purpose and having a life with meaning is for special people, this is for you...

God Wants For You - Even More Than You Do - For You To See You How He's Sees You, Find Your Gift And Realise Your Full Potential.

You Were Designed To Build Your Life & Business Around The Thing You Were Born To Do.

So Let Me Introduce You To...

The Influential Woman Coaching Academy

Your Safe Place To Learn, Connect and Grow

With Trish Jones

You'll Get Biblically Based Spiritual, Personal, Business, Leadership, Marketing And Success Coaching, in Bite-Sized & Easy to Implement Live Coaching Calls & Coaching Bundles

If You're a Woman on a Mission, You Have a Message, and You Love to Coach, Teach, Speak, Write or Just Inspire Others...

This is Your Opportunity to Unleash Your Voice and Discover Your Purpose So You Do What You Were Born to Do.

I know you've been there where you've asked the question probably a million times... "Is there not more to life than this?"

The answer is YES!

Your life does have meaning and there certainly is more to life than working 9-5 to paying bills, going to church (yep, there is more than that too!), being a caregiver and doing chores.

You Were Chosen For A Purpose!


1-Week Foundation Coaching

Printable Action Guides

Live Bi Weekly Coaching Calls

Hot Seat Coaching

Access to our Private Community Hub

Prayer Rooms

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Action Guides

Live Coaching Calls

Community Hub

You Get All This Coaching For An Initial Amount of Just $1 For 14 Days And Then $33 Per Month

What's Different About The Influential Woman Academy?

We Focus On Building Your Business From The Inside Out.

We've incorporated a 1-Week Foundation Course to get you focused on finding your voice, your gift and your purpose. What this means is that you're going to realign with your true identity so you show up in life and business as the real you.

The Monthly Membership element focuses on you releasing your potential by using your gift and walking in your purpose. We narrow your focus and then we go deep. This way you see the big picture early and remain inspired as you work toward your vision.

And we have incorporate prayer for those who want it, because we NEED God in this hour!

Our Aim: We equip and empower you to leverage your gifts and build your business around the things you love to do, talk about and teach.

We'll equip you spiritually and practically to pursue your dreams, maximise your potential and strengthen your personal and business relationships. NOTE... Relationships are key to both your personal and professional life.

In business, you'll be fully equiped with up-to-date information and time-saving tools you'll need to help you take action, get visible online and Get Things Done!

Are You A Speaker, Coach or Author?

We'll show you how to build your very own GLAM platform online so you can broadcast your story and your message, make a difference and impact the world... all from the comfort of your own home.

Stuck In A Job/Career You Don't Like?

We'll help you get clear on what you want so that branching out or moving up is achievable. No more being stuck doing a job you hate! And what better time to make that transition than right now!

You're A Stay At Home Mom?

I loves you guys! Or ladies! This is where I started. After having my baby girl, I wanted my cake and eat it. Oh yeah, I loved my precious little girl, but as a new momma, I still had purpose and a desire to earn an income with baby in tow and I went for it. She's 19 now and living her purpose. It's not been easy, but it's been worth it!

You Have No Idea What You Want, But You Know Something Is Missing...

Yes! You can feel it because the voice inside of you is telling you not to settle because there is more. You now have a choice...

Camp Where You Are or SKILL UP!

So whilst I've been avoiding a monthly membership for years, I decided that NOW is a good time to create a community of Influential Women.

Women who are inspired to keep their dream alive and who are ready to prepare for their future - which I believe according to Jeremiah 29:11 is good.

I've accepted my God-given challenge to be a part of inspiring, empowering and upskilling those who have been called to influence others through their work, vocation or business...

Will You Accept My Invitation To Join Us?

One of my favourite verses of scripture in the Bible is Proverbs 31:25:

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future..."

Despite the uncertainty we are currently living in, your purpose remains intact and your destiny hasn't changed. God does NOT want you to stand still and He is beaconing you to stand out!

It truly is your time...

"Time To Rise Up and Take Your Place of Influence In Life and Business."

Here Are the Benefits of Becoming A Member...

Live Coaching Calls, a Community Hub and Action Bundles That Will Help You Plan, Focus & Implement Faster and Easier

The 1-Week Foundation Course focuses on my F.L.O.W. Effect Coaching Model Which covers 4 principles that will get you to believe in you:

Focus on Your Gift - The Foundation To Your Success & Personal Motivation

Leverage Your Life's Lessons - The Key To Your Personal Fulfillment & Sharing Your Story

Own Your Voice - How To Make An Impact And Increase Your Influence

Wake Up Your Potential - How To Release Your Potential

Here are some of the bundles you will have access to, to help you release your potential and make work, work. And you get COACHED through these via our LIVE bi-weekly calls. We choose ONE Bundle to discuss every other per week:

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Get dressed for success ... put on the armour of God

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How to find those people God has called you to serve

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Start and market your blog to attract business online

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Rediscover the real you by seeing you the way God sees you

Your Image

Maximise your potential by finding your voice

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Set up a business speaking from your armchair

And let me just add...

This membership isn't yet another "information training dump" where we overload you with content. There is no shortage of information online! :-)

Whilst many of you may still be working from home during the current restrictions, I'm sure you don't want to "skill-up" by watching a myriad of "How-to" videos in the spare time you might get between homeschooling, working, being mom and hopefully having some fun!

For the business builders among us, we combine Low Tech strategies with High Touch interactions so you a) focus on getting your message out there and less time getting frustrated with the tech, and b) make use of the community forum where you'll get access to feedback, support and an opportunity to network with the other members.

You Have Questions? We've Got Answers...

How Often Will You Be Adding Content?

The content inside the members area consists of the Foundation Course which is dripped over a period of 4 weeks. Following this, each month you will have access to the Action Bundles which are mini implementation courses to help you consolidate what you learned during the Foundation Weeks. There is also plenty of opportunity for you to interact with other academy members and lots of opportunity for networking, 1-1 hot-seat coaching, sharing your offers and getting your questions answered.

Will I Get Hands-On Tech Help?

Where I can provide a video that will show you how to fix a tech issue or where there is a big enough demand, we will. We will even do some live training, but in short, the membership doesn't include hands-on tech help. We do however give you a list of resources that will help you find the right talent to do some of the tech work for you.

Will I Get 1-1 Coaching?

Since this is a group coaching membership program, specifically created to keep the cost low, the short answer is no. Trish is available for 1-1 personal and business coaching at a steep discount available to IW members only.

Can I Join The Mentorship Program?

Absolutely! We provide more details inside the members area. Currently, there is an application process to join since we need to be sure the women I work with are both willing and able to apply the coaching to their business.

Let's Recap What You're Signing Up For...

1-Week Foundation Coaching Program

Bi Weekly Live Coaching Calls - Business Strategy and Mindset Motivation

Access To Our Private Members Forum

Topic Of The Month Bundle

Access To Premium Rate 1-1 Coaching

Hot Seat Coaching Opportunity

Prayer Rooms - Let Us Pray For And With You

Make a Decision to Finish Strong in 2021...

Come and join us. Take full advantage of the Academy and benefit from the connections, resources and coaching. We'd love to have you journey with us.


Check Out The Academy And If You Like It, You can Remain A Member For Just $33 PER MONTH...

Let us help you turn your ideas and desires into fulfilled dreams, realised potential and a life and business you will love. You can cancel any time.


We sincerely hope you take full advantage of the Academy and benefit from the connections and resources, but should you still be on the fence, you can take advantage of our "30-Day Money Back Guarantee" ... simply ask for a refund within 30 days! We will refund your membership. No Questions Asked.

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